VIDEO: Beyonce’s New Pepsi Commercial Spans Her Entire Career In Iconic Looks

beyonce-pepsi-adSomething tells me that Beyonce REALLY likes Beyonce…

Early Sunday, the “Single Ladies” singer posted a cryptic YouTube video telling all her fans to get ready for something big on 4/4/13 at 9AM.  What was revealed was a new Pepsi commercial that showcased not only a small snippet of her new song, “Grown Woman”, but also a number of Beyonce mirror images from her past.

That’s right!  Not only did we get present day Beyonce, but we got “Bootylicious” Beyonce, “Crazy In Love” Beyonce, “Naughty Girl” Beyonce, and “Single Ladies” Beyonce, among many others, all competing in a massive mirror dance battle!

But obviously, these past versions were not the grown woman version of Bey, and in no time, the Pepsi-loving mother blew them all away (luckily, no exploding glass related injuries were reported…)

Take a look at the ad below, and let us know if you think this was something that was worth such hype.


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