Thanks For Watching Me On The Wendy Williams Show!

Hey there! For those of you discovering POPgoesTheWeek from watching The Wendy Williams Show, thanks for coming to visit the site!

Wendy Williams Show Feb 2013

Hey there! For those of you discovering POPgoesTheWeek from watching The Wendy Williams Show,  thanks for coming to visit the site!

As you know from watching, The Wendy Williams Show is a PARTY! The set of The Wendy Williams Show is more energetic and fun than you can even imagine. Before the show starts, music is pumping and the audience is dancing and grooving with the help of a great audience warm-up coordinator. Then, in between segments, the music is pumping again – so much so that Wendy and I must practically yell our hellos and goodbyes! In case you’re wondering – Wendy is the real deal – and I am infinitely grateful to her – and her amazing production team, for having me back on so often. Have you ever been to a workplace where you can just tell everyone gets along like family? The Wendy Williams Show is that place. Even though the mood is a party, there is obviously a lot of work to get done, and they all do with it a smile on their face – sometimes under stressful deadlines!

Brian Balthazar On The Wendy Williams Set

So what exactly is POPgoesTheWeek? A dose of celebrity news, TV and movie updates,  and a lot of viral videos! Come on, who doesn’t love a cute animal, talented kid, or who-knows-what-else creating a buzz on line?

Generally, I try not to be to be too mean about celebrity scandals. (although if you run into me with a cocktail in my hand, we’ll chat privately!) I love a nice drink among friends – so much so that I’m also working on a cocktail website (not alcoholic and non-alcoholic) called

I love being friends on facebook, sharing pics on instagram, and tweeting about what’s going on in the world of POP Culture. I’d love for you to come back, or just connect with me somewhere online! Join the fun, or just say hello!

On facebook, I’m at

On Twitter I’m @BrianBalthazar. Same goes for instagram.

Again, thanks for coming by! Reach out and tell me what you want to see here!


Brian Balthazar Wendy Williams

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