Brian Balthazar Kristin Chenoweth aolKristin Chenoweth is every bit as charming as you’d think. Turns out she’s also a really good sport… which explains why she says the prank David Letterman played on her was all in good fun. She told me all about it during our AOL interview.

Chenoweth stopped by the “Late Show with David Letterman” where her long-time friend couldn’t help but pull an April Fool’s prank on her. As she told Letterman how she now looks up wherever she goes in case something could fall, a sandbag dropped on to the opposite side of Letterman’s desk startling Chenoweth. The prank was called “cruel” and “mean” in headlines across the web, but Chenoweth tells AOL that there were no hard feelings. “Everybody’s been asking me ‘Were you offended? How mean was that of Dave?’ First of all, I know him over so many years now. He would never put me in harm’s way. He might terrify me just in the interview process but certainly not put me in physical danger…He got some flack for it and I was like ‘oh, no.'”


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