CELEB NEWS: Kathy Griffin To Attend White House Correspondents Dinner!

In perhaps her most unexpected (more like exciting) stunt yet, Kathy Griffin announced on Friday that she will be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner this year. The annual event is traditionally an evening of celebration for the President and the press, where both parties enjoy a bit of lighthearted fun. The President begins the night with a bit of comedy, which is followed by a roast from a veteran comedian. Over the years the event has transformed from a night of D.C’s finest, to a Hollywood-star studded event. Griffin, however, will not be attending as a ┬ácelebrity invitee, rather as a guest of the LBGT news source, the Washington Blade. Griffin has been out of the limelight since May 2017 when her controversial photo shoot, which portrayed an image of the comedian holding the (fake) severed head of the president, got her exiled from Hollywood. She is slowly making her way back into mainstream entertainment with shows booked in Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center later this year. It will be interesting to see how the White House feels with Griffin’s attendance but I am just eager to see if she enters the dinner like she does her stand up specials…two middle fingers held high in the air. Take a look at the comedian’s official tweet below!

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