OMG: Does Rebecca Die In Tonight’s Season Finale of ‘This Is Us’?

This Is Us, more like “This Is U…crying for an hour.”

The emotional, NBC hit will be concluding it’s second season tonight, and fans are frantically wondering if Rebecca will be the next Pearson casualty. Earlier this season, the death of Jack Pearson, the man we all wish was our daddy….uh father…was finally revealed and fans could not recover. The show, known for it’s huge plot twists, had Jack survive a house fire, only to die from a heart attack later in the hospital. You would think a death of this magnitude would be enough suffering for one season, but fans are speculating that Rebecca will die during tonight’s finale. During the trailer for “The Wedding,” we are invited to witness Kate’s special day, as she marries the nicest man alive, Toby. The promo teases one special invitee on the guest list, present day Jack Pearson! We have not seen an aged Jack because of his untimely death, so fans are beginning to wonder if Rebecca has died and is finally reunited with the true love of her life (sorry Miguel). Other fans hypothesize that Kate is simply dreaming, or the episode is based on a “what if?” scenario. One thing is for certain though, Jack is definitely not alive. Producer Isaac Aptaker mentioned in his interview with Variety, that there is no way Jack secretly survived and is back after all these years. What do you think the writers will toss our way this week? Take a look and take a guess!

This Is Us airs tonight at 9/8c  


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