If you’re like me, this is YOU every Tuesday night during This Is Us.

Those are the best kinds of tears though! I truly feel lighter with ever tear I shed watching the emotional television sensation. Well if you are tired of crying alone on your couch, snuggled with your favorite snack and big gulp of wine, you can now share that experience with dozens of strangers in a movie theater! This Is Us creator, Dan Fogelman, has a new film that’s sure to bring the same feels as his hit show. The premise of Life Itself is similar to the series in that it follows the loves and lives of several characters that span several generations.

The film stars Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde, who play a young couple expecting their first child. From the trailer we discover that Wilde’s parents have died and we are sure that those deaths are just one of the heartbreaking tragedies in the film. Rounding out the dynamic cast is Antonio Banderas, Olivia Cooke and Annette Bening. This film is going to be the one to watch!

Life Itself hits theaters September 21! Check out the trailer below!