GOOD NEWS: ‘IHOB’ Is Flipping Back To ‘IHOP’

2018 has proved to be a challenging year and we are only halfway through it! The darkest hour of the year thus far had to be when the beloved restaurant chain, IHOP, announced their name change to ‘IHOB’ about a month ago. The “P” for Pancakes was announced to become “B” for Burgers and the internet practically imploded.

Well flip those frowns upside down because the international pancake house announced they are going back to their original name! In fact, the entire “IHOB” debacle was actually just a publicity stunt. A rep for the breakfast hot spot, Stephanie Peterson, said this about the stunt:

“We knew that we needed to be bold to get attention with the introduction of burgers, a menu item that many people don’t think of IHOb for, and we definitely accomplished what we set out to do. There was never an intention of walking away from pancakes or IHOP.”

Phew. Well it feels like balance has been restored. To make the news even sweeter, IHOP announced that they will be selling pancake short stacks for 60¢ on July 17th from 7a-7p! So mark your calendars and get ready to feast on those signature sweet and fluffy pancakes…in the meantime IHOPE the name never changes again!

FOOD NEWS: IHOP Announces New Name As ‘IHOB’…But You Will Never Guess What The ‘B’ Stands For