MUST WATCH: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Sneak Peek Proves That Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

Waiting for season 6 of Orange Is The New Black has been 13 months of cruel, agonizing punishment. Punishment that is almost as cruel as what the ladies are going through this season. In case you’ve forgotten, season 5 of the hit Netflix series culminated with the end of a three day prison riot. The consequences of said riot, which involved intense police standoffs, a death of a guard and a humiliating version of “Litchfield’s Got Talent,” are going to take effect and change the lives of each and every prisoner. From the sneak peek, which dropped just moments ago, we see that all of the inmates have been transferred to Litchfield Max, an aggressively stringent facility. The ladies grapple with adjusting to a new world where there are more challenges than ever before. They are categorized by their uniform color, which leads to even more divisiveness amongst the inmates. While the ladies are trying to figure out how to survive in their new home, the feds are trying to figure out who the leaders of the riot were. Between the new color coded allegiances and the federal interrogations, friends are sure to turn into enemies and unlikely allies will quickly be forged.

Take a look at the trailer below and clear your calendar for July 27th because, lets be real, you’re going to want to binge this one.

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