The thought of enduring next winter before this winter ends makes me a real…well Grinch. How’s that for a segue? This winter, the familiar fiend will be hitting theaters in a revamped, animated version of The Grinch. The last time we saw the Grinch on the big screen was back in 2000, when Jim Carrey muppet-ized himself, as a live action rendition of the green-furred menace. While the classic has become a staple in holiday movie watching, the updated version looks to be a big holiday hit too. Benedict Cumberbatch provides the voice for the happiness-hater, and the film is brought to us by the creators of Despicable Me and Minions, so you know it’s going to be  good! I know it’s early for a holiday trailer, but holiday cheer should last all year…right? Take a look at the trailer below!