VIRAL VID: ‘Breakups’ Can Sometimes Be Schitt-y

If there was ever a time to be heading up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle, it would be now. The hilariously quirky television show, written by Eugene and Daniel Levy, has suddenly exploded in it’s fourth season, and has everyone falling in love with the small town, and all of it’s colorful inhabitants. For those of you who have been sleeping on this brilliant comedy, the premise is about a mega wealthy family, the Rose’s, who loses everything they owned due to a bad business deal, with the exception of one asset which is a small town called “Schitt’s Creek.”. As the seasons have marched on, the family has made the best of the unfortunate stroke of luck, finding jobs and romances along the way. Those romances have led to this hilarious PSA released by two of the fan-favorite characters, Patrick and Stevie. In the 3 minute video, the pair demonstrate just how difficult it can be to break up with one you loved. Nice guy, and everyone’s current crush (still recovering from his serenade to David) Patrick, tries to be more optimistic and sensitive during a breakup, where as straight talking Stevie treats a break up more like ripping off a bandaid…that is covering a bullet wound perhaps. In any event, the bit is hilarious and  gives a glimpse of what the show brings to the table. Take a look!

Schitt’s Creek airs Wednesdays on Pop at 8/7C.


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