POP MUSIC: Shawn Mendes Releases Emotional New Single “In My Blood”

Canadian heartthrob, Shawn Mendes, released his new single “In My Blood” earlier today. The video for the song, features Mendes laying on the floor succumbing to the elements, belting out emotional note after emotional note…aka my exact choreography after 1 too many margaritas.

Mendes suffers from anxiety disorder, and wrote the song to express the struggles that one can face while coping with the illness. He chose to keep the accompanying music video simple, yet poignant, as he lays faced up, exposed to a number of harrowing elements…a pretty accurate metaphor for any of those who have ever suffered from anxiety. The new song will be featured on the pop-star’s third studio album, which is expected to be released later this year. Mendes’ rise to fame has been impressive seeing as just 5 years ago he was singing covers on the mobile application, Vine. What is even more impressive perhaps, is the growth we have seen in the artist with the impressive vocals he let’s out in this single.

Sit next to a rainy window pane, curl up in your favorite throw blanket, and give this song a good blaring!