POP NEWS: Meek Mill Gets Released From Prison!

Meek Mill is as free as an eagle…a Philadelphia eagle that is. I know sports play a part in this somehow so hopefully that pun lands later.

Robert Williams, aka Meek Mill,┬áhas spent the last 5 months in prison for violating his parole from a 2008 drugs and weapon case. Originally facing a 2 to 4 year sentence, Mill was granted “unsecured bail” by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, overruling a lower court’s initial decision.

Mill’s incarceration ignited a nationwide controversy, and had a number of fellow rappers and fans protesting the initial arrest. Since 2008, Mill has been arrested twice for reckless driving and for participating in a fight but both charges were dropped, which is why the public can’t understand the decision to have him thrown back in jail. Mill’s supporters have claimed that his case is a perfect example of a broken justice system.

After his release, the rapper took to twitter to thank his family and friends for all the love they sent during a time he described as a “nightmare.”

Immediately after being released, Mill was picked up from prison VIA HELICOPTER by Michael Rubin, friend and owner of the Philadelphia 76ers. Rubin escorted Mill to the 76ers playoff game, where the rapper rant the ceremonial bell before tipoff. Argh, I was so close to having the right sport analogy!

Turns out a ding from a large bell is what freedom sounds like. Good luck to Meek Mill and let’s hope the court system gives him a chance to succeed.