MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER: ‘Double Dare’ Revival Coming This Summer

I double dare you to find something more exciting in the news today. Double Dare, the ICONIC game show from the early 90’s, has been revived for a 40 episode run this summer! If you are a millennial with fond memories of watching cable on a tv that weighed just as much as you did…reading this news just sent a little tickle down your spine.

The popular game show originally ran from 1986-93 and was revived once before in 2000. The show concept will be the same in that two teams will compete for prizes in a contest that involves both trivia and physical challenges. The new series will bring back the most popular elements of the original’s obstacle course, including the human hamster wheel; the classic gigantic mouth; the wringer; and the “Double Dare” nose. Special guests from the shows initial run will also be making appearances…and while she wasn’t on this show, Nickelodeon icon, LORI BETH DENBERG needs to be called. The world needs “vital information” now more than ever!

The revival comes after the 30th Anniversary Special aired on the popular kids network less than two years ago. No news on if Marc Summers will return as the host but either way the reboot is expected to be a hit.

I, still, in my every day adult life, hope to be slimed someday. Thank you for reviving this show, as well as my chance to make that dream a reality, Nickelodeon.

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