FEELS: Extended ‘Christopher Robin’ Trailer Tugs At Internet’s Heartstrings

When it comes to family friendly, half live action/half computer animated, feature length films…my finger is on the pulse. Back in March, I told you all about Disney’s Christopher Robin film that teased an emotional uprising for everyone who ever read or watched anything Winnie The Pooh. Well, an extended sneak peek was just released and the internet has finally caught up with my emotional well which has now officially runneth over. The nearly two and a half minute trailer goes more in depth about Pooh’s return into Christopher Robin’s life, and also shows first looks of the rest of the 100 Acre Gang. We even get a glimpse at Pooh and the gang meeting Christopher Robin’s daughter, Madeline, for the very first time. The legacy lives on! It looks like we are getting everything with this film from a tug at the heart strings to some big laughs. We can also expect some of Pooh’s existential advice that is eerily deep for a stuffed bear, “I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been.” Hold please, thinking of where on my body I should tattoo that quote.

Social media was quick to react to the trailer, noting that many of the adults who remember Pooh from childhood will be lining up to see the latest chapter in the story. One Twitter user went so far as to say he will never be cynical again, as the trailer has reverted him to a four year old! Disney’s magic at it’s finest. Many are praising the look of all the familiar characters, especially Rabbit’s who, according to the novels, was not stuffed but a real rabbit. The tweets get funnier and funnier the more you read.

The film stars Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin, while the entire cast of original voices are back as the animated characters. Take a look at the extended sneak peek below, and be sure to “oh, bother” to mark your calendars for August 3rd when Christopher Robin hits theaters.


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