FUNNY: Adam Levine’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Involves Secret Talents, Drag Races And A Run In With The Cops!

Lightning strikes when these two dads hit the streets in another rendition of “Carpool Karaoke”….and by dads I really mean daddies…amiright? James Corden and Adam Levine have an adorably funny car ride together during the popular segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden, that turned out to be more exciting than most.

The car ride starts out like many others, with Corden driving and thanking Levine for helping him to work. The duo sing along to some Maroon 5 hits before pulling over to showcase one of Levine’s talents…as if looking pretty while singing falsetto wasn’t enough. The singer shows off his unique face-balancing abilities by balancing a model plane, traffic cone, broomstick and even a life-sized cutout of Corden on his face! I can see it now “Cirque Du Soleil: Levine.”

Things keep moving right along as usual until the pair is interrupted by the sirens of a cop car! In a bizarre twist the cop proclaims that he wants to be sung to by Levine! It’s a “Carpool Karaoke” first! The segment ends with the late night host and grammy winner racing one another on a real, proper race track. These 11 minutes have everything needed for the perfect action-comedy! Take a look at the exhilarating clip below!


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