HAPPY FRIDAY: These Celebs Vow To Buy New Car For Student Who Bussed To His Own Graduation

It’s a holiday weekend so why not restore a little faith in humanity. Corey Patrick and his family recently moved to a new neighborhood that was miles from the schools he had been attending since the fourth grade. Reluctant to start his senior year in a new school, Corey chose to commute to his original school every day for his final year. The length of the commute had the senior waking up at 4:30am and returning home at 7pm every day. Well, all that extra traveling time paid off because Corey completed his high school education and was all set to walk in his graduation, but there was only one issue; his family had no way of getting him to graduation.

Corey’s family does not have a car so his mother suggested he take the bus, while the rest of the family would figure out a way to get there themselves. Determined to succeed, Corey took the bus, donned in his cap and gown, and made it to the big event. The bus driver who saw Corey, decided to take pictures of the new grad, and those pictures quickly went viral.

So viral in fact, that they caught the attention of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, where Rickey Smiley, Da Brat and Tyrese each praised the accomplishments of the young man, in spite of the obstacles he faced, and have vowed to purchase him a car! Looks like Corey is officially on the road to success.