FUNNY: Michelle Wolf’s Satirical Trailer Is Exactly Why We Can’t Wait For Her New Show, ‘The Break’

Michelle Wolf is. Killing. The. Game. Ever since her highly publicized roast at the White House Correspondent’s dinner just one month ago, Wolf seems to be the comedian on everyone’s lips. Luckily for us, the 32 year old has her own Netflix series premiering on May 27th. The Break with Michelle Wolf promises to be a variety show filled with sketches, celebrities, and, of course, a whole lot of comedy. As if we needed more enticing, Wolf and Netflix released a parody trailer poking fun at the streaming service’s “Strong Female Lead” category.

In the parody, Wolf plays Cassandra Flex, the fast talking, no nonsense, stereotype of what “strong females” appear to be in the media. Thats right, armored in her white power suit, Cassandra doesn’t balk on a deal. She wins. Cassandra doesn’t sleep. She wins. And Cassandra would never spill red wine on that power suit because she doesn’t spill. She wins. Cassandra is sure to point out her flowing, gorgeous, red hair that is obviously a symbol of her fiery personality. She uses that personality to sleep only with male escorts, and adopt a grown, black man. She is even strong enough to take her testicular cancer diagnosis in stride, claiming that she will “beat it, [she’ll] beat it and [she] won’t tell anyone.” You really have to watch this trailer.

The entire three minute, satirical trailer is the perfect way to demonstrate Wolf’s genius. In a short sketch she is able to make a clear and valid point about gender biases and stereotypes that we see in the media everyday. It is that special brand of intelligence and wit that will keep the comedian on top of the game for a very, long while.

The Break with Michelle Wolf begins streaming on Netflix every Sunday, starting on May 27th. Check out the trailer below for a taste of what to expect!


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