WHAT?! Did Justin Timberlake Just Admit To Once Hooking Up With A Spice Girl?

Call me Psychic Spice because the universe has definitely been sending me some “girl power” vibes…just yesterday I referred to the legendary girl group here! Let’s not let my Raven Baxter-esque moment over shine the bigger story at hand…Justin Timblerlake has hooked up with a Spice Girl?!? I wonder if it was…No Strings Attached…

Iconic 90’s boy band, N’Sync, reunited for some fun onĀ The Ellen Degeneres Show for their 20th anniversary. Decades later and the quintet can still bring uproarious cheer from fans in audience. Well those same fans nearly imploded when Ellen began to dig deep with her game “Never Have I Ever.” The host asked if any of the guys ever hooked up with a Spice Girl back in the day and after a long pause, Ellen puts her “I Have” paddle up for Justin! Ellen and Justin have a long standing friendship, so I am choosing to believe that this is 100% true.

The game continues and there are some cute, fun moments amongst the men, but nothing quite like that spicy morsel. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want…I want a…I want a….I want a….I wants…I really, really, really want to know which Spice Girl it was. As an internet community, I am sure we can do some investigation work to crack this mystery!

Check out the fun clip below, and start hypothesizing those theories now!


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