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READ: All Of Your Pop Culture Fixes For May



And you! And you! And you! You’re gonna love….MAYYYYYYYYY! If you don’t get that reference I don’t know how we’re even friends. We are friends right? Oh god, this is not the time to shake my fragile ego. Maybe I can convince you to be my best-friend-forever by providing you with a slew of entertainment to get you through May? I knew you’d come around…That’s right, as Spring marches on we have no time to stop and smell the roses because there is A LOT of precious, precious entertainment we need to absorb. Let’s take a look at what’s coming up this month:

Television: (Click title for more information)

Cobra Kai May 2 on YouTube Red

Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition May 11 at 8p EST on CBS

Citizen Rose May 17 at 10p EST on E!

2018 Billboard Music Awards May 20 at 8p EST on NBC

2018 Miss USA May 21 at 8p EST on FOX

***Editor’s Choice***

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance May 13 at 8p EST on Lifetime

Some may say I am a hopeless romantic…the haters might say I have princess envy…either way I am tuning in to see this biographical love story. Lifetime’s knack for tugging heartstrings seems to supply the foundation for this film as the network promises to show viewers the courtship of the now-iconic couple. In addition to the love, viewers will also see how the Royal Family dealt with accepting a once divorced, American actress into their kingdom. This looks to be an adult’s version of a Disney tale, so be sure to cosy up with your own prince/princess charming…finally an excuse to wear my Cinderella tiara…

Movies (Click title for more information)

Overboard  May 4

Tully May 4

Life of the Party May 11

Breaking In May 11

Deadpool 2 May 18

Solo: A Star Wars Story May 25

***Editor’s Choice***

Ok, maybe it’s because I just binge-watched every episode of Grace and Frankie but this movie looks so good! I am sure lots of those basic b’s would be listing Deadpool 2 as their movie choice, but allow me…a much more complex b…to sway you. This movie is what happens when The Golden Girls meets Girls Trip. The premise is about 4 longtime gal pals who run a book club and decide to give 50 Shades Of Grey a read. The book inspires the women to spice up their own sex lives, and hijinks ensue. There is an all star cast behind this one with Jane Fonda, Candace Bergen, Diane Keaton, and Mary Steenburgen taking the lead. There is a scene about being roofied with Viagra….are you intrigued yet?!?


The Rain May 4

A Little Help With Carol Burnett May 4

The Who Was Show May 11

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife May 13

***Editor’s Choice***

The Break With Michelle Wolf

After comedian Michelle Wolf KILLED IT at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last weekend, how can I not choose this show?!? Wolf is the hilarious, frizzy haired, redhead that every gay man wants to be besties with…omg she’s the public’s Grace Adler! Netflix describes this show as “a weekly half-hour variety/sketch series, will have jokes, sketches, celebrities, and more.” I. Am. Sold.

Broadway/Off-Broadway (click title for more information)

Summer and Smoke Opens May 3

Long Day’s Journey Into Night Opens May 8

Twelfth Night Opens May 13

Woman and Scarecrow Opens May 20

***Editor’s Choice***

The Boys In The Band Opens on May 31

As the only Broadway show on the list, it is a bit of an obvious choice. Contrary to what the title may leave you to believe, this is not a show about N’Sync….or any other 90’s boy band for that matter. Instead, it is a gripping play about a group of friends and the harsh realities that may ultimately divide them. The original production of this show ran in the late 60’s and was one of the first public works to present a story that centered on a group of homosexuals. The cast for this revival is amazing with Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto, Jim Parsons and Andrew Rannells headlining. This will surely be the must-see show of the season!


Charlie Puth Voicenotes – May 7

James Bay Electric Light – May 18

Mean Girls Original Cast Recording – May 18

Hoobastank Push Pull – May 25

Snow Patrol Wilderness – May 25

***Editor’s Choice***

Frozen Original Cast Recording – May 11

So this might be a bit of a stretch for those who aren’t big Broadway fans, but I couldn’t justify crediting Hoobastank as my choice.. Frozen was actually an amazing musical, both in it’s soundtrack as well as it’s spectacle. With Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez adding new music to the film’s score, the entire show feels like a fuller, fleshed out version of the animated hit. Don’t let it go and skip this soundtrack, it is definitely worth the listen!


May’s looking pretty good right? So…we are besties again? Perfect because while you were reading I took the time to fasten up some friendship bracelets…hope you like human hair! Enjoy the list, and see you next month!



Kygo and Whitney Houston’s “Higher Love” Video is Full of 80’s Fun



An eighties inspired dance number, a gorgeous ensemble, and the incomparable Whitney Houston come together for a fun flashback in the new video!

Houston had often performed Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” during her concert tour, and recorded the song thirty years ago. This summer, a new version re-mixed by Kygo hit the top of the dance charts.

The video stars Vanessa Morgan and Mason Cutler, both of whom are absolutely stunning to look at. See for yourself!

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Compare and Decide: A Jury Decided Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Copied Flame’s Song “Joyful Noise.” Do You Agree?



Katy Perry’s got a Grammy nomination for her 2013 hit “Dark Horse.” But a jury says the tune lifted a riff from a Christian rapper’s 2009 song “Joyful Noise.”

There’s little doubt there is a part of the song that is similar in both tunes. The question is, how much will it cost Perry’s camp. The jury was unanimous that there was some ample borrowing going on. (I’m paraphrasing.) And ultimately decided that Perry and her collaborators should pay him $2.78 million.

For your consideration, the two songs are below. Listen to at least a minute of both. You’ll hear the part they’re talking about.

The price of that little riff could be a high one. Last year, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were ordered to pay nearly $5 million to Marvin Gaye’s family over similarities in their 2013 hit “Blurred Lines.”

Videos below.




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Lizzo Is An Icon In The Making – And Here’s Why



Mirror, mirror on the wall don’t say it ‘cause we know Lizzo cute. And by cute I mean extremely talented, gorgeous and totally inspiring!

A few months ago I was watching The Ellen Degeneres Show when I witnessed one of the most fun, exciting and awe-inspiring performances I’ve ever seen. Lizzo popped onto the screen in a sparkly, pink getup and began singing what would become her big hit song, “Juice,” – I was immediately hooked (more like obsessed). During this performance she also jammed out on her flute alongside her plus-sized backup dancers and suddenly I knew I had been changed forever. I did some more research on the rapper/singer and found out I had been sleeping on this gem! Lizzo has been doing bad all by her damn self for years, having already released two albums in the past. I am suddenly mad at every single person who neglected to tell me to jump on the Lizzo train sooner! If you’re like me and need a bit of catch up, I’m going to break down exactly why you need to know this icon in the making.

You can throw a stone in any direction and hit a triple threat nowadays. Lizzo’s brings talents we have yet to see in the mainstream music industry.

If singing, rapping and dancing make Lizzo a triple threat, what does flute playing making her?!? A STAR THAT’S WHAT! Lizzo has displayed her abilities as a talented flautist, which is not an instrument you would necessarily think of in conjunction with the rap genre making this talent all the more extraordinary. Lizzo even used her flauting skills to compete (and defeat IMO) with Ron Burgundy. Not Will Ferrell, but Ron Burgundy.

Oh, and she can also twerk while playing the flute. 

As if playing the flute wasn’t impressive enough, Lizzo can also twerk while playing. I really hope some high school kid is deciding to take band just so he/she can flutwerk their way around campus like their fav flautist, Lizzo.

Lizzo uses her platform to inspire and raise up everyone around her.

Lizzo uses her voice for more than just creating fire music, ya know. She uses her platform to defend the belief that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Her Twitter is filled with positivity and strong messages about acceptance.


Uhm…she’s straight up gorgeous. 

We cant forget to mention that Lizzo is a straight up beauty queen. She is known to switch up her look but I’ve never seen a bad pic of this queen. To solidify my point, she is now officially the first, plus sized black woman to be featured in Playboy magazine!


Move over Avenger’s, Lizzo has been in a comic book too!

Ok indulge the nerd in me on this one…Lizzo was even featured in a comic book!!! That’s right, she has become so influential that even Marvel comics wanted a piece of the Lizzo-pie. Check out this shout-out in Unstoppable Wasp #4!


So now that you have become as obsessed as I have, you are probably wondering how you can get even more Lizzo in your life. Well lucky for you, her new album dropped TODAY! Her third studio album, Cuz I Love You, is available anywhere you listen to music and let me tell you, YOU WILL LOVE IT. The album is varied and showcases all of Lizzo’s incredible range with some songs being upbeat and funky, and others being slowed down and heart wrenching. For a taste of what to expect, click below to listen to the title track of the album. If the new album still doesn’t satisfy the hunger for more Lizzo, she’s also on tour! You can click here for more info on tour dates.

Oh Lizzo…you are most definitely 100% that bitch.  

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