POP MUSIC: Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera And Troye Sivan All Release New Singles Today!

New York City will hit record temps today on this unusually warm May day. While scientist think that global warming is to blame…I am going out on a limb and saying the world is just reacting to these three new FIRE singles being released today. Canadian Goddess Celine Dion, riff queen Christina Aguilera, and Australian teen wonder Troye Sivan have each released new music today and the internet is a buzz! Crank up that a.c. and crank up this headphones even louder because this is one way to make the most of the heat!

This. Is. Brilliant. Sure, “Ashes” is a beautiful song and will definitely tug at a heartstring or two during an emotional scene in Deadpool 2 (where the song is featured)…but the brilliance is in the video! The video starts out by bringing viewers exactly what they would expect from Dion, with the songstress in a gorgeous gown, alone in a somehow blustery, empty theater singing her heart out. But the creative genius shines when Deadpool himself appears, equipped with a pair of dancer heels, and performs his own lyrical choreography to the song! Seeing the proper, and beautiful Canadian powerhouse share the screen with the hilariously vulgar, and sarcastic anti-hero is comedy gold. Check out this video now!

Well this is a new sound for the belting beauty. “Accelerate” has a bit of a hip hop vibe  accentuated by the Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz feature. While the song isn’t her usual head bopping beat, I can see this song taking off in hookah lounges across the world. The singer seems to have liked the more natural look she debuted in Paper magazine because for most of the music video she is rocking a clean face. Her looks are fun and provocative in this video, but the colorful flashes that are interspersed are what’s really provocative. You see barely covered boobie at one point! This song is the tip of the iceberg as the pop star’s entire new album, Liberation, drops on June 15th.

How appropriately meta that I watched this YouTube star’s new music video on YouTube? OMG I’m such a millennial…This new single from the Australian teen heartthrob brings a funky beat and a funky music video. The video gave me a little bit of the heebie-jeebies just because of how eerily lifelike the mannequin being looks. The 3D artists obviously did a good job otherwise such jeebies wouldn’t be provoked…The song is a catchy one, and is already trending all over the internet. Take a look and listen to see what’s Sivan is bringing from down under!

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