LOOK: Sneak Peek Of ‘When I Kissed The Teacher’ From ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’!!!

Oh there are few things that get this dancing queen more excited than a movie musical. After the first Mamma Mia! grossed over $600 Million at the box office, fans are being treated to a sequel. That’s right, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is slated to hit theaters July 20th, and I cannot wait. Now, if I am being completely honest…I will admit the first movie wasn’t my fav movie musical ever. The casting was a bit off for me, as I always prefer real singers to take the lead in these kinds of films. Obvz Meryl Streep is the exception because she can do no wrong. However, the movie was still cute and campy and everything you’d want from an Abba-inspired film. And the DVD is sitting on my entertainment stand as I type. Ok, maybe I did like it.

The sequel picks up where the original left off, with the now married Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) announcing her pregnancy to her three potential fathers, played by Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and Stellan Skarsgard. Fans are speculating that Streep may not be making a triumphant return to the franchise as Sophie’s musical mom because Donna might actually be dead in this one. What we know for sure, however, is that this film will bounce back and forth between present day and the past, highlighting Donna’s young and wild adventures that led her to having three potential fathers of her child.

In the few trailers that have come out, the sequel looks just as fun as the first. A sneak peek of the song “When I Kissed The Teacher” was just released, and while Streep is not the Donna being portrayed, the number still gives me a reason to want to head to the theater! Young Donna (Lily James)and her Dynamos overrule graduation with an impromptu performance that takes the faculty by surprise. Of course the other students rejoice at the trio’s salacious song, but know this…I would have been the one rejoicing over the platform, star-accented boots that young Donna is donning!  In any event, the song is catchy, the performance is cute, and my ticket is as good as purchased.

Check out the video for the song below, and be sure to hit theaters July 20th!


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