POP MUSIC: Drake’s Latest Music Video Serves As A ‘Degrassi’ Reunion

Back in the day, there was nothing that fueled your teenage angst like a good episode of Degrassi: Next Generation. Ironically Aubrey Graham aka Drake, former star of the teen drama, now fuels the angst of today’s teenaged youth with his music. Today the rap superstar decided to fuse his worlds together, and host a Degrassi reunion in his latest music video for “I’m Upset.”

The video starts out with Drake, who began his career as Jimmy Brooks, waking up in a bed next to an obscured lady and receiving a text message about his high school reunion. At the reunion, he and his old Degrassi High gang reunite causing the music video to quickly turn into something we would see in an episode of the hit drama. Jay and Silent Bob (two amongst the many cameos) selling weed to the school’s principal, Archie Simpson (Stefan Brogan), marks the turning point for the video. It’s not long until a fire breaks out at in the gymnasium causing the dancing, butt xeroxing, and locker graffiti to come to an abrupt end. The end of the music video shows everyone running out of the high school in sheer chaos, with Jay and Silent Bob spitting a little, nonsensical rap just because.

So who else made it back for the reunion? All of your favorites of course!

First we have Jimmy’s…uh Drake’s bestie Spinner, Shane Kippel. He is all grown up with his shaved head and sultry look.

The best besties ever, Emma (Miriam McDonald) and Manny (Cassie Steele) make a fun appearance that includes McDonald trying to push Steele’s boobs back into her top.

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev who played teen mom Mia Jones, has some fun bopping along with Drake and former goth beauty, Ellie (Stacey Farber).

This one made me SO HAPPY. One of my first crushes ever, Marco (Adamo Ruggiero) strikes a pose in the photo booth with cool girl, Jane (Paula Brancati).

Perhaps the most comical cameo is made by Ephraim Todd Ellis who played Rick in the series. On a very important episode of Degrassi, Rick infamously shot Jimmy in the back after he was led to believe that the future rapper was responsible for a cruel prank. In the video, Drake’s posse is seen chasing a panicked Ellis through the high school halls, poking fun at the characters’ high school beef.


I have to admit that my rap game is weak and not always my favorite genre, but this is one way to get me on board. Am I the only one hoping that a Degrassi: Where Are They Now? reboot is in the works? Come on Canada, I have faith! Check out Drake’s entire video below!


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