POP MUSIC: Nicki Minaj Plays Around With Puppets In ‘Barbie Dreams’ Music Video

Fresh from her latest album Queen, today Nicki Minaj released her new music video for “Barbie Dreams” and it’s clear the rapper isn’t here to play…oh wait. She is? Oh…well now the puppets make sense.

For the video Minaj decided to add some whimsical, albeit creepy, puppets to help depict some well known rappers and hip hop artists. The song is inspired by Biggie’s “Just Playing (Dreams) and is meant to be all in good fun. In Minaj’s song, she pokes fun at many of the genre’s leading men including 6ix9ine, Lil Wayne and Quavo. She makes jokes about Drake crying all the time and even mentions her reluctance to take dieting advice from DJ Khaled. While these jokes may sound harsh, the rapper has made it clear that these guys are her friends and this is all just part of the rap culture. When talking about the tone of the song, Minaj said:

“This isn’t a diss. Yikes. This is culture, this is BIGGIE!!!!! New York!!!!! This is FUN. Light hearted fun FUN.”

And fun it is! The the bright hair, the colorful costumes, the even more colorful lyrics and the freaky puppets all make for a memorable and funny video. Click on the video below to see what everyone is buzzing about!

Nicki Minaj’s Queen, is available for purchase and download now.



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