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POP INTERVIEW: Thomas Smith Discusses Living with a Loved One’s Multiple Personalities

Multiple Personality Disorder, sometimes called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is often a soap opera plot line but little understood in reality. Journalist and author Thomas Smith explained the life few have experienced with his partner Darrell's many personalities, the subject of the book they co-wrote together, Which One Am I?

Nicki Minaj Holds Halloween Distinction

Move over Snooki, you're so last season. This year Nicki Minaj is the most searched celeb Halloween costume. (Which raises the question... what does Nicki Minaj dress up as for Halloween.... an accountant?) Who (and what) else is on the list? Read on...

ADORABLE VIDEO! Nicki Minaj Surprises Her Biggest (And Littlest) Fan On ELLEN!

Adorable Sophia Grace posted a video of herself rappin Minaj's "Super Bass" not long ago. It turns out she has a remarkable amount of sass and passion for such a little tyke! It went crazy viral. Ellen had her on, and surprised her with Nicki Minaj herself. The reaction is priceless! Check out the Ellen appearance, and below that, the video that prompted the whole thing!

POP VIDEO PARODY: Funny Fake PSA Calls Out Bizarre Pop Stars Who Tell Folks To “Be Yourself.”

You can't really criticize the healthy message of 'be yourself.' But this funny, fake public service announcement makes some interesting points - featuring parodies of pop stars like Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj talking about how they discovered 'being yourself' requires shooting whipped cream out of the chests, getting out of eggs, and other outlandlish stuff. Funny performances here!