POP MUSIC: Justin Timberlake Drops Surprise Track ‘Soulmate’ And Now It’s Officially Summer

This Man Of The Woods is back on the beach with his new single “Soulmate.”

Justin Timberlake surprised fans by dropping the new song without so much as a whisper of indication. Earlier this year, the music superstar released the country inspired album Man Of The Woods to less than stellar success.  An unusual occurrence seeing as the singer has been killing the music game for over two decades with solo hits such as “Sexyback” and “Take Back The Night.” Well one flop of an album did not deter Timberlake’s ambition as his new single brings back his much adored sound.

“Soulmate” brings back Timberlake’s classic pop sound albeit with a summer/island feel. It gives fans exactly what they expect from the singer which is a pumping beat and catchy lyrics. The song is all about finding your soulmate of the night, which is exactly what we want on those hot, steamy evenings. Rumor has it that Timberlake is back in the studio working on another album that could be released as early as this year. The other, equally exciting rumor, is that Drake will be featured on the album. Talk about a soulmate for the night!

While you’re lathering on that SPF 150, click below to jam out to “Soulmate.”


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