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REVIEW: A Night With #CountessAndFriends…You’ll Never Guess Which RHONY Star Is Luann’s New Bestie!



Last night, I had the privilege of being “cool and not like, uncool.” Thats right I scored an invite to see #CountessAndFriends at Feinstein’s/54 Below right here in Manhattan. In case you are not privy to all of the cabaret goings-on here in NYC, this evening stars the one and only “Countess” Luann de Lesseps of The Real Housewives of New York City fame. With only an hour’s notice, I had to figure out how to turn my musty, post-gym look into something suitable for royalty. Luckily, I have a generous roommate who helped iron out the perfect shirt for the occasion while I could shower…sure I owe him a week’s worth of dinners but that’s all part of the roommate code.

The venue is legendary here in NYC, and has hosted every kind of celeb from film, television and even Broadway.  The Countess needed to be sure she could rise up to those rankings to join such an elite group of predecessors and I have to say…she did. As the night began, Luann mocked her own singing abilities. She admitted that she isn’t the best singer so going into the evening you know to expect less than stellar vocals from the reality star. But, her failure to hit a single note did not let the entertainment value suffer one bit. Over the course of the night, we were treated to 4 glamorous costume changes, 9 singing cameos from friends in the biz, secrets from her diary and even some RHONY gossip. What more do you need?!?

While the Countess is known more for etiquette and less for humor, she definitely had a field day making jokes about the painful year she just endured. Turning lemons into lemonade, the host of the evening used her public divorce, public arrest, and public stint in rehab to keep the audience in stitches. Luann even sings a few bars of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab, only to then admit that unlike the lyrics suggest, she actually loved rehab. The group of talented singers to join the Real Housewife on stage was comprised of Murray Hill, Michael Mustro, Lauren Elder, Charles Busch, Marissa Rosen, Shockwave, Larry Owens, Tracy McDowell and Eric Michael Krop. Here are my favs:

Broadway’s Lauren Elder showed off her talents with this stellar version of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.”


New York City’s very own pint sized, powerhouse Marissa Rosen tore the stage up with her rendition of “Son Of A Preacher Man.” The audience practically fell out of their seats when they heard the vocals that poured out of this singer’s mouth.


Tracy McDowell and Eric Michael Krop, who happen to be headlining a night at Feinstein’s/54 Below on June 8th, performed a romantic duet that brought the house down for a moment.


In between songs, the Countess shared some juicy tidbits from her actual diary. She recounted the time she surprised her ex boyfriend by showing up unannounced, only to find him in bed with someone else. She then told of the time her and her gorgeous, Italian boyfriend escaped to a romantic hotel, only to leave with crabs. Poor girl has never been lucky in love! The spilling of secrets led to a Q&A, where Luann actually revealed which housewife she is currently closest to. The audience assumed it would be Sonja Morgan, as the two have always been pretty tight knit. The duo even lived together for a short while. Instead, Luann revealed that she and Bethenny Frankel have actually grown to be quite the pair! The Countess joked that she had to be at her lowest point in life to finally receive sympathy from the Skinnygirl mogul.

A Countess cabaret would not be complete without a performance of her hit song “Money Can’t Buy You Class.” This time, she brought beatboxer Shockwave to incite a new rendition of the song. She ended the evening with a rendition of “L.O.V.E” and received a standing ovation while singing her equally as famous, “Chic, C’est la Vie.”


I have to say I enjoyed the side of the Countess I saw last night. She was fun and clever, and really knew how to throw together an interesting evening. She did grab my hand during one performance so expect my name on the billing of the next #CountessAndFriends. Speaking of which, there are four more dates left in the show at Feinstein’s/54 Below so for more info on tickets, click here!

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VIDEO:Rolled Ice Cream, Cheetos Bagels And Grasshoppers Are Just Some Of The Unusual Things Brian Balthazar Has Eaten On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’



You’ve seen pop culture expert, Brian Balthazar, appear on The Wendy Williams Show quite a bit over the last few years. He even co-hosted the show on three separate occasions. It wasn’t until his last visit where he and Jason Biggs chowed down on a KFC Cheetos Chicken Sandwich that it hit me: Being on the daytime talk show makes Brian Balthazar hungry!

The proof is in the pudding…pun definitely intended. Carla Hall made sure to bring some snacks for Brian when they cohosted together.

Sure, Wendy is known for telling us to “grab a snack and come on back”…

But you’d have to be absolutely famished to want to eat fish sliders at 10am.

He’s gotten so hungry he resorted to eating GRASSHOPPER TACOS on the show!

Could it be that Brian isn’t actually hungry though? Could he just be a brave soul willing to be the taste tester so we don’t have to? Could my theory be flawed?!

I suddenly feel like maybe we owe Brian a big thanks…

Either way, it’s fun to watch! Click below to take a look at a compilation of all the fun stuff Brian Balthazar has eaten on The Wendy Williams Show!

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Can’t Go Out? Here’s Six Ways You Can See The World Right From Your Very Own Home



Turns out there are plenty of ways to beat the boredom blues!

Countries around the world are being asked to practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. Most businesses, attractions, theaters and museums have been closed down to help prevent the spread of the virus. Just last night here in the U.S., it was announced that the self-quarantine guidelines are to remain in place until April 30th of this year. Another month at home doesn’t have to mean another month of carb-loading and channel flipping though! There are actually quite a few ways to keep your brain stimulated during these unprecedented, sedentary times. Below you will find six ways to experience the world from your very own house…and don’t worry, I wouldn’t put anything on this list that would require changing out of your comfy sweats.

Virtually experience the happiest place on Earth.

Safe to say we can all use a little happiness during these troubling times so why not turn to the home of happiness itself, DisneyWorld. YouTube channel, Virtual Disney World, offers dozens of 360 degree videos that allow you to virtually experience DisneyWorld attractions, shows, hotels, monorails, trains, boats, park areas and more. These videos are fully immersive meaning you simply pan your VR-headset, phone or tablet in any direction to experience all of the excitement happening around you. Now, you can relive the magic you’ve loved your whole life anytime from anywhere! *Giant turkey leg smell not included….unless you’re actually cooking turkey legs while watching these videos, in which case I applaud your commitment.

Tour a national park on Google Earth.

Take a hike…well sort of. Hiking is a fun activity that can be done alone or with very few others, remember we are in socially distant times, but making your way to a trail might be a challenge these days. Public transportation schedules have been drastically altered and even if they weren’t, a crowded train or a bus just sounds like the breeding ground for some heinous germs right now. You could try to carpool but again…germs! You can avoid any viral risk by simply checking out one of the 30+ virtual hikes on Google Earth. Last year, Google Earth released virtual tours of some of the most beautiful parks in the country. Grand Canyon National Park, Redwood National Park, Everglades National Park and so many others are featured in this exciting experience. On your “hike” you will see some of the most breathtaking trails and views these parks have to offer. Best part? You don’t need bug spray.

Google Earth

Check out some of NYC’s finest street art.

It’s hard to feel particularly cultured when you’re wiping the crumbs from your second lunch off your overly worn pajamas. With that being said, we should not let our love for the arts fade like our flannels have. Instead, check out some of New York’s coolest street art via Google Arts and Culture. Their online experience 9 Amazing Street Art Murals In New York provides a fully immersive, virtual tour of some amazing art. In this tour you will see stunning artwork from prolific artists such as Eduardo Kobra, Keith Haring, Banksy and more. No need for a MetroCard to see these murals which is great because now you can put that $2.75 towards your next Seamless order.

Sing along while streaming your favorite Broadway shows.

Broadway has taught us all how defy gravity but now it’s helping us defy boredom too! Theater has been the perfect vehicle for escapism since it’s inception and now you can escape without even leaving your home! BroadwayHD is a streaming service that began broadcasting beloved Broadway shows back in 2015. With over 300 shows in their catalog, you can belt along to all of your favorite shows without having to worry about being escorted out of a theater. The platform is currently offering a free 7-day trial along with a very affordable $8.99/month plan. A one-year subscription is still cheaper than tickets to just one broadway show!


Virtually wander through some of the most impressive museums.

Staring at the same four walls of your apartment for weeks on end definitely won’t keep your mind stimulated, trust me I know. Combat the brain laze by learning about some of the world’s most fascinating arts and histories. Many of the world’s finest museums are offering virtual tours that provide users with a fully immersive experience. Never made it to that dream trip to Paris? Tour the Lourve from your couch! Embarrassed by how out of breath you were when you finally climbed all of those stairs getting into The Met? Skip the stairs and see it all online! Never perfected that English accent? That’s ok, no one will hear you on this virtual tour of The National Gallery in London! There are dozens of museums providing these tours and you can find most of them through a quick internet search. I listed a few below because this is the most brain stimulation I plan on having today.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Musei Vaticani, Vatican City

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Natural History Museum, London

Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Go to a house party.

NOT LITERALLY!!! We all know with the social distancing guidelines the last thing we should do is host a house party. To remedy our social urges is the new digital platform called HouseParty, which allows users to throw virtual parties with their friends. Like on many other live-streaming apps, HouseParty allows you and your friends to simultaneously FaceTime. What makes this app special, however, is its gaming feature. With HouseParty you and your friends can choose from a variety of party games to play all while maintaining a safe distance. The app is available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Chrome and is truly putting a new twist on classic pajama parties.

HouseParty Icon

Be sure to try something new today otherwise you might just go crazy. We are living in unprecedented times so we might as well try some unprecedented ways of entertaining ourselves. Stay safe out there and stay socially distant…only physically of course!

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AWWW: A Rescue Team Of 9 Was Needed To Rescue 1 Adorably Chubby Rat



Over in Bensheim, Germany a rotund rodent got herself into a jam when she tried to squeeze through a hole of a manhole cover only to get stuck…and honestly, I can relate. When I was 8 years old I tried to squeeze my thunder-thighs-in-training into a children’s swing and it took my dad and three other grown men to get me out. I am the German fat-rat!

Volunteer firefighters were called when a young girl noticed the fat rat was stuck and no time was wasted to help the poor critter. Eight firefighters and at least one animal rescuer appeared on the scene to safely extract the chubby critter. Animal rescuer Michael Sehr told BBC “She had a lot of winter flab and was stuck fast at her hip. There was no going forward or back.” When asked why anyone would even want to save something so many are repulsed by Sehr said “Even animals that are hated by many deserve respect.”

Alls well that ends well! Hopefully no authorites will be needed to help me shimmy out of these skinny jeans I thought looked cute this morning…in the meantime, check out the entire rescue below!

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