POP MUSIC: Cher Releases Another Single Off Of ‘Dancing Queen’ And ‘One Of Us’ Is Crying….

Do not be alarmed by the grown man in his casual Friday attire, wandering the streets of NYC, flipping his imaginary “Cher hair” whilst sobbing uncontrollably…it’s just me listening to “One Of Us” on repeat.

Cher, aka the queen of the world, has released yet another single from her upcoming album of ABBA covers, Dancing Queen. This time around the single is ballad which is a sharp contrast from the first two dance hits, “Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)” and “SOS.” Cher can do no wrong, so this shift in tempo just gives listeners one more reason to get excited for the album.

Earlier this month, Cher teased us with this:



Sobbing into fall it is! Knowing that the album is filled with variety only adds to the hype surrounding this project. As we get ready for Autumn to begin this weekend, give this song a listen and shed a tear for forgone summer.

Dancing Queen drops on September 28th!


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