ADORABLE VIDEO: Sweet Judge Invites Child To Decide Dad’s Verdict

I’m heading to Providence, Rhode Island and I am double parking all over that city. I’m just hoping the traffic violation will lead to a meeting with Judge Frank Caprio!

The traffic court judge turned viral video sensation is known for presiding with compassion and understanding. A number of videos from his trials have gone viral for their feel good nature. Judge Caprio provides a nice contrast to some of the scarier judges we have seen over the years. The latest clip from Caught In Providence, the show that follows the various cases seen by the judge, has once again gone viral. In this sneak peek Judge Caprio invites the child of a traffic violator up to the bench to help decide the verdict. You won’t believe what answer the child gives!

Click below to watch the whole clip! For more feel good tv click here for the Caught In Providence listings. Follow the show on Facebook here!

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