FUNNY: Ariana Grande Helps Jennifer Coolidge Get Her Dog Back And Gets A Sex Ed Lesson From Kris Jenner In ‘Thank U, Next’ Bloopers

While the high notes and even higher ponytail make for quality entertainment, I like Ariana Grande most when she shows off her funny bone.

The talented actress and singer nearly broke the internet when she released her early 2000’s inspired music video for “Thank U, Next” a month ago. It looks like Ariana is causing yet another internet frenzy with the release of the deleted scenes and bloopers from the music video. Watching Ariana channel her inner Elle Woods and shake down Paulette’s “a**hole” ex is pure joy. Someone give Jennifer Coolidge a Legally Blonde-Paulette spin off!

The video then shifts to Kris Jenner who makes a fun blooper or two as she speaks to the wrong actor and proves that all the money in the world can’t stop a mom from dancing like a mom. She closes out the video by bragging about her warning to Ariana that sex without a condom would lead to chlamydia…and death.

Click below to laugh along with the rest of the internet!

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