VIRAL: 1,500 Drunk Strangers Got Together To Sing The Backstreet Boys Classic ‘I Want It That Way’ – And It’s Actually Kinda Magical!

Tell me why…the only singing that happens at the bars I go to is screechy and off key. Ok, I am the only one who sings at the bars I go to but my point is singing in a group of 1,500 looks and sounds way better!

Over in Brisbane, Australia, the creative group, Pub Choir, invited 1,500 strangers to The Tivoli to have some drinks and learn to sing the Backstreet Boys classic hit “I Want It That Way.” Their goal? To prove that anyone can sing. Adding to the fun challenge, the massive group only had 90-minutes to learn the entire song, harmonies included!

The outcome is surprisingly amazing and makes me want to hit the karaoke bar real bad. Click below to see the crazy choir!

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