Ashley Graham Broke Her Tooth Eating A Frozen Cookie And Showed It Off On Instagram

That’s the way cookie (and the tooth) crumbles.

Ashley Graham’s supermodel smile was no match for her mom’s oatmeal cookies.

On Thursday evening, Graham shared a video on Instagram shouting out her mom for making the best oatmeal cookies in the world. Her shout out was a bit weird though because the model kept her hand in front of her mouth the entire time. After building up some anticipation Graham finishes her shout out by revealing her mom put the cookies in the freezer…which caused the model to break her tooth when she bit into one!

Graham isn’t shy about showing off her fraction of a tooth and honestly why should she be?Even with the broken tooth the mom of one is still more beautiful than some of us will ever aspire to be!

I can’t be sure what the moral of the story here is but I’m pretty sure it’s that no good comes from oatmeal cookies. Never heard of a chocolate chip cookie shattering teeth. Just saying.

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