Caught On Tape

VIRAL: Dogs VS Sprinklers!

On these hot summer days, it's hard to revert to your ten-year-old self and just go to town with your garden hose! Fortunately for dogs, they never really grow up, and are happy to frolic, growl, and chop at hoses and sprinklers! This video has gone viral - because what's more unbridled that a dog that's obsessed with something?

DISTURBING VIDEO: Wife Finds Husband with Another Woman, Throws Her Off a Cliff

Surveillance cameras capture the chilling moment a woman finds her husband allegedly cheating - but rather than asking questions, she drags the other woman away from him, throwing her off a cliff that oddly enough, is just footsteps from where the rendezvous was taking place. The woman lives! The obvious lessons here are don't cheat, don't throw anyone off a cliff, and if you are going to cheat, don't meet near a cliff.

VIRAL: Cat Takes Its Kitten Back From Toddler

Maternal instinct is stronger than any stubborn toddler. Watch as this little Russian girl insists on holding a kitten, only to have mama cat make her opinions known. No one gets hurt. (Although the person videotaping this could use a smack for letting this happen in the first place.)

FUNNY: Will Ferrell Answers Phone When Journalist’s Mother Calls During Interview

As if we needed more examples of Will Ferrell being awesome! The hilarious actor was giving an interview when a phone started vibrating at the table, and the name popped up "MOM." That was all Will Ferrell needed to make himself the coolest guy in the room. The sweet (albeit one-sided) conversation has gone viral.