VIDEO: The Fray’s NCAA Championship National Anthem…What Just Happened?!

To sing The Star Spangled Banner at a sporting event is a coveted honor. However, with every amazing Whitney Houston-like performance, we get a Roseanne Barr or a Carl Lewis. If you were to bet me which side a rendition by The Fray would have fallen, 100% of the time, I would have said with Whitney. And I would be wrong.

VIDEO: Basketball Fans TP The Entire Court In Season Opener!

In an awesome game tradition, fans at a John Brown University game totally envelop the court with toilet paper after Brown's first score against Hillsdale Freewill Baptist. In an instant, the entire court is blanketed in an oddly beautiful stream of toilet paper. Endless bathroom humor jokes are possible here. I have to wonder how long it took to clean this up!