Your Diet Coke Will Look Different This Fall.

News flash: Diet Coke is insanely popular. (I won't even own up to just how much DC and Coke Zero I pound through in a week.) So the legions of fans who drink the soda like it's... well... water, will be surprised by the drink's new look this fall.

Gaga Reinterprets Santa’s Workshop For Barney’s

Lady Gaga is continuing to spread her unique perspective across platforms like never before. Barneys New York has announced that they will be collaborating with the artist this season on a project called GAGA’S WORKSHOP.

Four Summer Faves By Style Expert and Trend Tracker Catherine Moellering.

We here at POPgoesTheWeek aren't just interested in Lindsay Lohan's latest blood alchohol reading or looking at videos of dogs playing tetherball (although we enjoy that too). We also fancy ourselves as 'on-trend' or at least trend-aware. So as part of our "Four Summer Faves" series let's hear four of Trend Tracker Cathering Moellering's favorite summer items... from a simple scarf to the best salt for your margarita!

Google Goes Gaga

It was a meeting of two phenomenons… Google and Gaga. The Lady herself stopped by Google headquarters to offer some amazing insights into her...