Four Summer Faves By Style Expert and Trend Tracker Catherine Moellering.

We here at POPgoesTheWeek aren't just interested in Lindsay Lohan's latest blood alchohol reading or looking at videos of dogs playing tetherball (although we enjoy that too). We also fancy ourselves as 'on-trend' or at least trend-aware. So as part of our "Four Summer Faves" series let's hear four of Trend Tracker Cathering Moellering's favorite summer items... from a simple scarf to the best salt for your margarita!

We here at POPgoesTheWeek aren’t just interested in Lindsay Lohan’s latest blood alchohol reading or looking at videos of dogs playing tetherball (although we enjoy that too). We also fancy ourselves as ‘on-trend’ – or at least trend-aware. We like to know what people are into, or what we should be into. So this summer we’re talking to people we love… people who always have the info on everything. You know who those people are… they always have a great restaurant idea. The recommend a great a song you should get from iTunes. They knew about that funny online video before you did. They’re the kind of person who knows what’s in the damn flavored butter you like at that restaurant you ate at last night… even if they weren’t there.

Today we’re hearing from Catherine Moellering. Moellering is a trend forecasting and consumer intelligence expert. As Executive Vice President of the Tobe Report, Moellering and her team of editors determine trend direction and tell retailers what’s hot. In other words, she goes to virtually big fashion show in every country and then comes back and tells the stores what the whole damn world is wearing / doing / showing / making, etceteras.
(Oh yeah… And she’s funny.) We’ll get into her story further another day. But for now, let’s hear four of her favorite summer items… from a simple scarf to the best salt for your margarita! Here they are, in her own words:

The Summer Scarf

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your summer staples, the summer scarf may be your answer.  In addition to making you look French and therefore instantly more chic, a summer scarf keeps bare shoulders warm in hyper air-conditioned offices, stores and restaurants.  Look for light weight fabrics with a little something extra like tribal prints or pom pom trim.

At left, the beachcomber scarf, $48.

At right, Theodora and Callum Ikat Scarf $75


The Gel Pedicure

I admire those women that can keep their fingers and toes looking freshly polished for a week or more but I am not one of them.  This is particularly vexing in the summer when the-call-of-the-open-toe-shoe becomes impossible to ignore.  Enter the Gel Pedicure.  While it’s a little more expensive and takes a little longer than your normal buff and polish – the results truly last up to 6 weeks. Personally, I am a fan of the “Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer.”  It comes in a range of OPI colors – my pick is “You Don’t Know Jacques.”

Maldon Sea Salt

Trust me on this one, summertime is the right time to pimp your salt.  For sprinkling on farm stand tomatoes or grilled meats, there’s nothing like Maldon’s salty flakey goodness.  Plus, casually leaving a box of this stuff on your counter will give you instant culinary cred. “Oh that?  That’s just my finishing salt harvested from the Essex fens.”

    1. Guests-Won’t-leave-Margaritas

And since we’re on the subject of salt, I will leave you with my recipe for “Guests-Won’t-Leave-Margaritas” (which may or may not be a good thing.)

Since I like to enjoy my parties, I make an enormous batch of these and let my guests serve themselves from a large glass jar with a ladle (which, again, may or may not be a good thing.)  The last time I did this, about half of my guests spent the night and the other half started eating the raw lentils I was using as a fancy garnish under my passed hors d’ouevres (true story.)  Happy summer!

Servings: 8

*1 cups chopped fresh mint leaves

*1 teaspoons kosher salt

*8 cups crushed ice (served on the side)

*3 cups good quality tequila (obviously, you can move onto less expensive tequila as the night progresses – who will know?)

*2 cups freshly squeezed lime juice (you will need approximately 16 limes – trust me, it will be worth it)

*2 cups Triple Sec

Given the name of the cocktail, plan your guest list accordingly.

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  • I love this concept!!!! Just in time for summer.Now can wear these new sandals i just got!!!!!

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