Forget Charlie Sheen, forget all gossip, forget everything you thought you knew…Because now, there is something else taking over the world:

Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, Rebecca Black is a 13-year-old aspiring pop-star, and the song is the product of Ark Music Factory, an L.A.-based vanity production company that matches aspiring teen singers with producers and songwriters, hoping the product would be a viral hit and they’d have the next Justin Bieber.

Yes, the video has become viral, but the attention isn’t exactly positive…”Friday” was discussed on “Tosh.0”, which proclaimed “Songwriting Isn’t for Everyone.” From there, the video spread quickly, being dubbed the “worst music video ever” by  And when the lyrics include lines like: “Tomorrow is Saturday/And Sunday comes afterwards.”, and you have 13-year-olds in a car driving down the highway, you know you have a problem.

Check out the viral video below, and marvel at all the ridiculous problems that this thing has (and at the same time, hope it’s not some sort of brainwashing scheme by the government…at points, it definitely feels like it…)