Go Daddy Continues It’s Mystery Girl Campaign…This Time With A “Cheeky” Photo And Commercial Preview.

Domain registrar ‘Go Daddy’ has become known for the sexy-wexy women in their commercials. Usually they’re not big names, but that has changed this year. They’ve already introduced hotties Danica Patrick and trainer Jillian Michaels. But they’ve been holding out on just who the big name is that will headline the campaign when it is finally revealed on Super Bowl Sunday.

Their initial tease was a look at some sultry legs… and now they’ve revealed a ‘cheeky’ photo to further the drama. Now they’ve also released a video of the ‘pre-reveal’ commercial to build up more excitement. While it may not be likely that people will drop everything to go register a domain name, you have to give them credit for building some great brand recognition!

GoDaddy’s founder describes the mystery woman: “she’s iconic, she’s edgy, she’s off the hook funny…”

I’ve still got my money on Kathy Griffin. Others have speculated Chelsea Handler or Sofia Vergara. Any guesses?

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