MATRIX Fans, Rejoice! Keanu Says There May Be Two New MATRIX Films on the Way (in 3D)!

The last time we saw Neo and Company in MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, it seems like all was finally okay, and peace was restored to the world and the land of Zion.  Well, apparently, that can’t be true…

According to a scooper at AICN, Reeves was speaking at the London School of Performing Arts, and said that the Wachowskis have completed a brand new, two-picture script treatment that would see plug Neo and all you die-hard fans back into the Matrix. They have apparently also met with James Cameron to discuss the pros and cons of filming the two movies in the best 3D possible to deliver “something which has never been seen…”

According to the site:

“Keanu stated that he still has an obligation to the fans to deliver a movie worthy of the title “The Matrix” and he swears this time that the treatment will truly revolutionise the action genre like the first movie.”

I feel like the first MATRIX is a modern classic. As long as they really feel like they’re getting it right and don’t just want to cash in on that wonderful format known as 3D, bring it on!

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