Denise Richards On Real Housewives? Not Likely.

Last week there was buzz that Denise Richards would like to be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In an earlier post, I noted an off the cuff question at a fashion event where she was asked if she would consider being on the show. She gave a polite, “Heck yeah I would! It’s one of my favorite shows!”

Then, the celeb sites jumped on the remark, which I suspected was a response made out of kindness… due to her friendship with Bravo exec and Host Andy Cohen.

It seems now she is backtracking somewhat on Twitter:


A smart reaction – no, she doesn’t live in Beverly Hills, so that in essence takes her out of the running, but also could leave the door open for a Bravo reality show that is more focused on her and not a group of women.

If Richards is going to return to reality television, I doubt that it would be as an ensemble player. She has already done her own show, “Denise Richards, It’s Complicated,” and while it may have run its course, now more than ever, Richards could capitalize on her notoriety gained from her relationship with Charlie Sheen. It’s quite likely though that her ability to discuss her personal life, especially surrounding Sheen, is limited due to divorce settlements and confidentiality agreements. Even so I find it highly unlikely that she’d allow her own persona to be produced in a way that the Housewives shows require.

Richards appears to have reacted to the question in the best way possible.

(ps – I’m often dreadfully wrong at predicting these things. I’m putting that on the table now… if she ends up joining the show, we can all laugh later.)

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