Dr Oz Performs Surgery On Jimmy Fallon! For Real!

In an upcoming episode of the Dr Oz Show, (airing February 23rd) Oz will perform surgery on his TV neighbor, Jimmy Fallon!
TV neighbor you say? That’s right, the two TV show hosts both tape on the same floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. (In fact, I believe they even share a control room when the other isn’t taping.)

So the deal is this – Jimmy Fallon had a potentially precancerous mole on his hand. But how did Oz find out? Here’s the exclusive on how it all happened:

Dr Oz was on Fallon’s show as a guest and noticed Jimmy’s mole! (That tells me this thing must have been pretty noticable slash ugly. He checked it out as Jimmy told him he thought it had been getting bigger and could feel it when he put his hands in his pockets.  (Damn – that’s a hell of a mole. Again, probably big and or ugly. Or both.) Oz apparently told him that he should have it removed and checked out.  Now, being a TV producer myself, if I were Dr Oz I would have told Fallon quite specifically: ‘you should really watch that closely up until February sweeps and then let me remove that thing!’ But I’m not sure how that part went down. All I know is, Jimmy Fallon is now walking around with one less gross thing on his hand.

Remember to check out the ep on Feb 23!

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