Five Bizarre Oscar Wagers You Can Seriously Bet On.

Gambling on sports, sure… that’s common – but betting on whether someone will fall at the Oscars? Now THAT’S a wager! 

If you’re still in the process of filling out your office Oscar pool, why not add another element of suspense into the mix! It turns out you can bet on everything from who will cry, to who will wear a hat at the big event. Here’s a look at the top five WEIRD bets that are available on Bodog.Com.


1) How many of the Big 3 award winners (Director, Actor, Actress) will visibly cry when receiving their award?    So here – obviously the odds are that not all three will cry… I’m guessing, based on history – that at least ONE will cry…and in fact, the odds definitely reflect that. Natalie Portman did not cry when she won at the Golden Globes…but this is the Oscars! You may wonder though … what if they just get choked up? How do you measure this? The key words are VISIBLY CRY… is the site offering this wager and they say that it only counts during the receiving of the award and the acceptance speech, that they must visibly cry, and that their decision is final. That’s a tough one… the others are far more clear cut.  

2) How many times will the word Thanks or Thank You be used in the acceptance speech of the Big 3 Awards (Director, Actor, Actress)? If you’re not into placing a bet, just get everyone to do a shot. Prepare to be hammered. If this were the Grammy Awards you could drink every time a rapper get’s an expletive bleeped out.

3) Cruel but brilliant: Will any Oscar recipients fall on their way to the stage?  Okay – it’s a not so well kept secret that people get a sick pleasure out of watching people fall…and with all those long gowns and high heels its pretty safe to say someone will fall… but again, there are conditions!!!! At least 1 hand must touch the floor to be graded as winner  

4) Will any award winner drop the Oscar?  Condition: Statue must hit the floor for winner.

5) Will Geoffrey Rush be wearing a hat inside the theatre?  Say what? Yes, it’s a real wager. Red carpet does not count, must be shown in the theatre wearing a hat.

Why, you ask? 

The King’s Speech star wore a hat at the Golden Globes because he had to shave his head for a new role… so it’s entirely possible he could be donning one for the Oscars.

Now place your bets!

(Oh yeah – just a note… it’s illegal to bet on the Oscars from a US based website… but the can do spirit of opportunists found us all a glorious loophole! As long as the websites is based out of another country, you can – when you go to an online gambling website, you can never tell the difference, so lots of gambling sites are based outside america to avoid the regulations. A lot of people are gambling this way. (It’s the same way with Cruise ships… they’re almost always registered outside the US to avoid all our pesky rules and regulations!) This doesn’t mean they’re unsafe or sketchy (although I can’t really be sure which sites are on the level or not… this is not an endoresement) … it’s just easier to do these things from other places.

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