Johnny Knoxville May Be Moe in THE THREE STOOGES?

The Farrelly Brothers’ THREE STOOGES movie started out on an excellent note.  Benicio del Toro, Sean Penn and Jim Carrey were originally attached, and production seemed to be moving fast.  Then, all three ended up dropping out for their own reasons, and the Farrelly’s decided to cast a WIDE net for anyone and everyone, including Justin Timberlake, Larry David, Hank Azaria, Will Sasso, etc etc.

Well now, it’s being reported that JACKASS funnyman Johnny Knoxville is a top contender for the role of Moe Howard.

According to Variety, it’s just a matter of Knoxville accepting the role, and then it’s only a matter of Curly and Larry.  However, with Knoxville in the lead, that means that the other two stooges could be literally anyone from young to old, and it’s anyone’s guess who will be pulled in.

The plan is to divide the PG-rated film into three, 27-minute segments driven by physical comedy, reflecting the original Stooge shorts.

The Three Stooges made a total of 190 shorts between 1934 and 1959.

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