POP Topic: Marcia Clark’s Transformation.

Marcia Clark has a new book and a stunning new look.

Marcia Clark has a new book and a stunning new look.

Recent reports on  Entertainment Tonight and The Insider showed  surveillance video of Lindsay Lohan in the jewelry store where she allegedly stole a necklace, complete with Marcia Clark’s commentary.  Seaches to POPgoesTheWeek surged, interested specifically in her dramatically different appearance. Following that, Clark  began doing press for her novel, and once again, people are interested in  her  appearance nearly as much as  they are  in Lindsay or the book.

Even more recently, Clark has been speaking about the Casey Anthony murder trial, which, after Casey was  ruled not guilty of murder or even manslaughter,  has evoked many of the same reactions that the O.J.Simpon trial verdict did.

Clark is looking good, and people want to know what ‘her secret’ is… Or they just want to see her picture. Whatever the case, I can see that people are searching for her, and they’re coming here,  wanting to know if she had a facelift. They’re  searching her name and ‘plastic surgery’ and all  the related  search terms. I can’t tell you whether she had some freshening up, but I can show you the three pictures below… and you can judge for yourself.  If nothing  else, you’ll see that she’s hardly afraid of reinventing herself!

Most folks remember Marcia Clark best  from when she served as part of the prosecution in the OJ Simpson trial. Now she’s got a book out… a novel called Guilt by Association.

But who cares about all that! More importantly – check out what she looked like in 1995 and what she looked like in 2010 and now in 2011. I’d go on record that she looks better than ever.

As far as that middle look, I’ve been in the company of a bottle of peroxide in my lifetime, but geez louise! And the cleavage no less! Thankfully,  it seems she has retreated from the the full  blonde look and gone back to basics. Rock on, Marcia!

Check out her appearance on GMA where the cheerful Clark talks about her latest passion. It’s quite endearing to see her looking so happy, and talking about something that brings her this level of joy:

So what do you think?

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