POP Video: There’s Another Rebecca Black…Jenna Rose’s “My Jeans”

Oh dear lord, they just keep coming…

Fresh off the heels of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, we have another example of a horribly processed song that wants to be a YouTube hit – and sadly will be for all the wrong reasons. (Worth noting that this one came out around well before “Friday” came out, but has gained considerably greater notoriety since Black made the almost good mostly awful music video trend explode.)

This next one is courtesy of 12-year-old Jenna Rose, and it’s titled “My Jeans”.  Lyrics include: “Hannah Montana is wearing my jeans. Ashley Tisdale is wearing my jeans. Keke Palmer is wearing my jeans.” (Very deep…)

Check out the wonderful video below, and I dare you to watch “My Jeans” and “Friday” back to back…I triple double dog dare you…

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  • Yah- this was a pretty good vid I liek her car and her hat, and it was a good song too But I lieked Rebeca Blacks song betterz When did her album came out??????

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