The Situation’s Excruciating “Comedy Routine”

Sometimes you see someone in way over their head and feel horrible for them. Other times, you see someone who’s really full of themselves in way over their head and you don’t feel so horrible. I’m not sure which category you’ll fall under… but if you watch this clip of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino trying to do comedy at The Donald Trump Roast for Comedy Central, you’ll know soon enough. Sitch finds himself in the unfortunate ‘situation’ of tanking so badly that he can barely fake his way through it. The sunglasses indoors don’t help the pity vote.

They say “life is easy, comedy is hard” and Sorrentino learned this the hard way. True comic Jeffrey Ross was quick with a comeback to a Situation jab, but even in the roast world where there are no apologies, even HE started to feel bad for the guy.

After watching, can we discuss how the hell he got invited to do this anyway?



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