Mom Makes Daughter’s Prom Dress Out of Starburst Wrappers. Boyfriend Noticeably Less Enthusiastic About The Idea.

Duct tape prom dresses are so 20th century. Tara Frey is taking the unusual prom dress (and purse, and shoes) to the next level by wearing one made of Starburst wrappers. Her mom spent six years working on it, and as luck would have it, her prom theme this year is “CandyLand.’ Wow. That’s serendipitous. It would also have been appropriate if the prom theme was ‘RidiculousLand.” Still, the girl is cute and sweet (no pun intended) about her outfit, and her boyfriend clearly digs her, because he (who gets to wear a Starbust vest, no doubt that took less than six years) isn’t quite as emphatic about the idea.

Says her boyfriend: “Do I like it? (his expression reads ‘no’) It’s alright. I dont’ really have a choice.”

Tara herself fills out the dress as perfectly as a starbust might, (that means it fits) and is also pretty darn fond of her mother to be wearing it. “It’s going to be a little bit too much attention … But hey, she worked hard on it.”

Incidentally, mom had called the Starburst people to see if she could buy just the wrappers and they refused. They’ll happily accept the PR, though. As a result she had to give the candyaway and give the wrappers back. If the family resorted to eating them, Tara might not have been able to fit into the dress.

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