Reese Witherspoon Loved Her Sex Scenes With Robert Pattinson In WATER FOR ELEPHANTS

Yeah, you heard it right…and why wouldn’t this be true?

Reese Witherspoon seems to have really, really, REALLY enjoyed filming her sex scenes with Robert Pattinson for WATER FOR ELEPHANTS.

Reese told Access Hollywood at the movie’s New York premiere last night that she thoroughly enjoyed herself while filming…despite the TWILIGHT star being sick:

“He’s super duper sexy…Let’s just get something straight, it’s still a sex scene with Rob Pattinson!  I was having a very good time.”

Pattinson, who was right next to her, joked about why Reese liked everything so much:

“No, I know that she secretly likes it… she likes it a little bit dirty… with green mucus, it’s her thing,”

All kidding aside, Reese promised the movie will deliver in the romance department:

“The sex scene in the movie is super sexy…It’s really sexy.”

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS comes to theaters this Friday.

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