Carrie Fisher Drops 30 Pounds, Pushing For More!

Carrie Fisher is a new woman – both from what you see, and what you hear. The actress and brilliant comedy writer has met her goal of losing 30 pounds. After some appearances on TV where she looked painfully overweight, she signed on as a Jenny Craig spokesperson (which is a pretty good incentive, btw!) and by all accounts it’s working.

The Jenny Craig peeps released these before and after photos.

Says Fisher:

“It’s like a whole new Carrie has emerged. I no longer want to hide in the house…  I used to feel like I had to apologize for the way I looked whenever I stepped out of the house …  Now, whenever someone compliments me, I smile and say, ‘well, thank you.’ It’s a great feeling to feel like myself again, and that I am truly worthy of those compliments.”

Fisher is taking her Wishful Drinking show to Canada in July. She has sincereset her goal for even more weight loss.

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