Celebrity Apprentice Spoiler Alert! Eastcoasters Miss Conclusion Due To Breaking News… So Who Gets The Ax?

In what was some unintentional poetic justice, Barack Obama’s announcement that the US had nabbed Osama Bin Laden timed out so that it pre-empted Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” (Trump had been hitting Obama hard lately, so let’s just appreciate the irony of the moment.)

But for east coasters who follow the reality show, that meant that the much promoted episode featuring a smackdown between NeNe Leakes and Star Jones was left unresolved. Who got fired from the show?

If you’re not interested in knowing, it’s time to look away, click away, do what you have to do.

Here’s what happened: The boardroom came down to Star Jones, NeNe, Leakes and Playboy Playmate/Virtual-mute Hope whose-name-you-probably-don’t-know Dwaraczyk. (Now you know it but can’t pronounce it.)


Anyhoo… In what was probably wise, the usually quiet Hope got axed, both because she didn’t seem to make much of an impression during the show, and also because producers are smart enough to know that keeping Star and NeNe on the series together for as long as possible can only help the ratings, because these two are like oil and vinegar together. (And not in a good way like salad dressing.)

Here’s the clip:


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