Check Out Charlie Sheen and Snoop Dogg’s New Single. Or Don’t, I Totally Understand.

Like a cold sore, Charlie Sheen is back in your face. Snoop Dogg and Sheen have collaborated on a new single called – wait for it – “Winning.” See what you get when you give rich people expensive toys like studio equipment?

Sheen is barely a presence, although you can hear him a fair amount of him breathing and clearing phlegm in there in there somewhere. That explains why it’s credited “Snoop Dogg featuring Charlie Sheen.” Whew… thanks for the clarification!

Carmen Electra also makes a cameo, for some reason. Keep in mind there’s some major F-bomb lyrical poetry in there, so keep the volume down if you care. It’s totally ridiculous with the profanity. Throwing up leaves a better taste in your mouth than this song will.

On the upside, proceeds will go to Tornado victims.

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